Welcome to the show floor for the Specialty Coffee Expo
in Portland, OR!

To make your booth reservation, please review current booth availability on our live 2020 Floor Plan. Then email your desired booth number to exhibit@sca.coffee

Prior to reserving your booth, please read the SCA 2020 Exhibitor Agreement and the SCA 2020 Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors.  You will be asked to acknowledge and agree to the Exhibitor Agreement and the Rules prior to making payment and receiving a booth confirmation. Exhibitors are prohibited from subleasing exhibit space to another unrelated organization.

 Exposition Dates

Wednesday, April 22:        

        8:00am-7:00pm:          Exhibitor Move-in for 200 sq. ft.+ booths and any exhibitor who                                                   ships freight to the Advanced Warehouse

Thursday, April 23:

        7:00am-7:00pm:         Exhibitor Move-In

        6:00pm-9:00pm:         Launch Party

Friday, April 24: 

        7:00am-10:30am:       Exhibitor Move-In

        10:30am-5:30pm:       Exhibit Hall Open to Registrants

Saturday, April 25: 

        10:30am-5:30pm:       Exhibit Hall Open to Registrants        

Sunday, April 26:

        10:30am-4:00pm:       Exhibit Hall Open to Registrants

        4:00pm-10:00pm:       Exhibitor Move-Out

Monday, April 27: 

        7:00am-11:00am:       Exhibitor Move-Out


Booth Pricing 2020

Exhibit Space Type Member Price    Non-Member Price
10' X 10' Regular Booth $2,400 $2,925
10' X 10' Corner Booth $2,800 $3,550
20' X 20' Island Booth $11,700 $15,700
20' X 30' Island Booth $16,400 $20,750
20' X 40' Island Booth $21,700 $27,500
20' X 50' Island Booth $26,500 $32,500
Table Top $1,500 $2,200

Information & SCA Contacts

Exhibit info:
Billing and Payments:

exhibit@sca.coffee or call 949-298-6445‬
Katy Goulding at
 katyg@sca.coffee or 562-999-3162
membership@sca.coffee or 562-999-3168
Brittney Kushi brittneyk@sca.coffee or 562-624-4100
sca@compusystems.com or 877-394-9751


Thank you for your interest in the 2020 SCA Expo
We look forward to seeing you in Portland!


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