Welcome to the show floor for the Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, WA!


To make your booth reservation, please review the current booth availability on our live 2017 floor plan, The blue squares are the available booth spaces. Then please complete a 2017 Exhibitor Application & Contract and email it to Lisa our Exhibit Sales & Service Manager lisap@sca.coffee

If you are a new exhibitor proceed to here first to make your online company profile, this will be outwardly facing to other exhibitors and attendees. 

 Exposition Dates

Wednesday, April 19:        

        8:00am-7:00pm:          Early Exhibitor Move-in for 200 sq. ft.+ booths


Thursday, April 20:

        8:00am-7:00pm:         Exhibitor Move-In

        6:00pm-7:00pm:         Opening Ceremonies

        7:00pm-10:00pm:       Welcome Party

Friday, April 21: 

        7:00am-10:30am:       Exhibitor Move-In

        10:30am-5:30pm:       Exhibit Hall Open to Registrants


Saturday, April 22: 

        10:30am-5:30pm:       Exhibit Hall Open to Registrants

Sunday, April 23:

        10:30am-4:00pm:       Exhibit Hall Open to Registrants

        4:00pm-10:00pm:       Exhibitor Move-Out


Monday, April 24: 

        7:00am-11:00am:       Exhibitor Move-Out


Booth Pricing 2017

Exhibit Space Type Member Price    Non -Member Price
10'x10' Regular Booth $2,165 $2,615
10'X10' Corner Booth $2,515 $3,165
20'x20' Island Booth      $10,515 $14,015
Table Top $1,365 $1,965
Tech Pavilion $2,000 $2,000







Information & SCAA Contacts


Exhibit info:
Billing and payments:
Attendee materials:

Lisa Pacini at lisap@sca.coffee or call 562-999-3167
Katy Goulding at
 katyg@sca.coffee or 562-999-3162
Katie or Chris at
membership@sca.coffee or 562-999-3168
Adra Aragon at 
adraa@sca.coffee or 562-999-3150
exposition@sca.coffee or 562-999-3165
scaa@compusystems.com or 877-394-9751


Thank you for your interest in 2017 SCAA Expo
We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!