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At TreeScope, we’ve developed a new fermentation technology

At TreeScope Inc., we’ve developed a new fermentation technology that coffee producers will love. With improved profit margins, incredible new flavor profiles and a more environmentally sustainable process, we’re not just changing the industry; we’re transforming it.

By leveraging natural enzymes, SoldadoTM yeast mix can predictably enhance coffee fermentation by improving the speed and yield of the reaction.

The end result is a coffee bean with vastly superior flavor notes, an increased yield and profit margin for coffee producers, and a process that brings a little balance to this wonderfully delicate art.

Our technology also helps to reduce water usage by up to 50% by allowing for water used in the depulping process to be recirculated into the fermentation reaction and by also lowering the amount of organic particulate in waste water.  This decreases the need for downstream water purification and sedimentation.

Protecting the planet is our highest priority and we continuously work to reduce the environmental footprint of coffee fermentation.