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Monbana, A passion for chocolate for 3 generations

In 1934, Louis Guattari founded the company MONBANA, specialising in the manufacture of cocoa butter. The development of the brand continued under the leadership of Jean Guattari, who diversified the know-how of the firm by launching a line of premium confectionery. 1978 saw the creation of the first small chocolate squares, now become an indispensable accompaniment for coffee. In 2001, Yves Guattari, new CEO, began to reposition the MONBANA. He opened up the company to the international markets and the general public with sales in delicatessen stores and today the opening of MONBANA boutiques, as well as the launch of flavoured chocolate powders and the creation of a line of exceptional gourmet chocolates. In 2010, MONBANA is known for its excellent chocolate powders with intense flavours, for its chocolate squares and other sweets that have become inextricably associated with coffee and also for its delicious gourmet chocolates, created by our master chocolate Makers