Agtron, Inc.

Reno,  NV 
United States
  • Booth: 2047

Agtron Coffee Roast Analyzers; "Where Art Meets Science!"

Forget the impostors and get the original and leading Coffee Roast Analyzer used worldwide!  Agtron has been in business for more that 60 years; our experience is invaluable to any roaster striving for quality and consistency. The flavor development of coffee is directly related to the degree and method of roasting, as such quantitive measurement of roast becomes imperative. The E20-CP and M-BASIC Coffee Roast Analyzers are bench top instruments designed to provide a simple and repeatable means of evaluating the degree of roast as it relates to flavor. With the E20-CP or M-BASIC, it is possible to achieve levels of quality control previously unobtainable using visual assessment or instrumentation based on lightness/darkness measurement.  Using very specific near-infrared energy as the basis of their operation, our analyzers can ignore conventional visual cues and selectively evaluate the chemical parameters of roasting as they correlate to optimizing flavor, the priority and primary objective of quality roasting.  Stop by our booth to see the Agtron Coffee Roast Analyzer work and to discuss the art and science of roasting with Carl Staub. 

Brands: Agtron E20-CP/III Coffee Roast Analyzer Agtron M-BASIC/II Coffee Roast Analyzer

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